Dr.Salim Bouchentouf

Doctor Salim Bouchentouf is scientist at laboratory of Natural Products and Bioactive at Tlemcen University (ALGERIA) and lecturer at University of Saida (ALGERIA). Doctor Salim Bouchentouf received his Ph.D degree in Chemistry from Tlemcen University (Algeria). Competent in field of Analytical chemistry and environmental pollution, Doctor Bouchentouf also works on natural products and use of bioinformatic and biotechnology by promoting use of software in the concerned fields. As expert and editorial member board of many research revue (Journal of Environmental pollution and human Health , Acta Scientific Pharmaceutical Sciences, International journal of bioorganic chemistry, Archives of Pharmacy and pharmacology Research, ...) Doctor Salim Bouchentouf brinks rigorous critical to research for upholding high scientific standard publication. Doctor Salim Bouchentouf is also responsible of exterior relationship of Laboratory of natural products and Bioactive.